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Sport Analytik is the worldwide program HELPING CHILDREN to discover their physical strengths, fall IN LOVE with SPORT and discover the RIGHT SPORT for them based on their strengths and disposition.

Our Vision

We want to inspire, foster and develop a life-long love of healthy activity and sports in all South African children.

We help children realise their unique sporting potential and associate exercise with fun by identifying their natural talents in an entertaining environment through our world-renowned scientific methodology.

We then act as an entry point for kids to gain easy access to local sporting communities and recognise raw elite talent that would benefit from a high-performance program.

We believe our method results in children sticking to a healthy pathway for longer and lays the foundation for a better lifestyle through their teen years and beyond.

Our Methodology

Our methodology was devised with the help of international experts in the field of sport optimisation and improvement, and is focused on the main areas of strength, endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility and their combination.

A SportAnalytik event is fun, entertaining, and focused on creating a pleasant and memorable experience for each child.

We begin with group warm-up activities, then assign children by certain categories (size, age etc) to a small team led by our coaches who take them through a series of fun tests to reveal their somatotype, sport dispositions and strengths by assessing their coordination, speed, power, endurance and tactical skills.

We then make an individual assessment for each child and compare it with multiple sports requirements. As a result, we identify their sporting talent and provide them with a tailor-made report. This includes recommendations for their most suitable sports (including sports teams and clubs in the surrounding areas) and identifies natural elite talent to be nurtured into elite sport pathways.

Our program is designed for children aged five to sixteen years and is designed to be done annually.

What will kids get?

A SportAnalytik event consists of a half-day of fun activities, healthy snacks and hearty high fives- during this time, children are tested in 9 different activities to gather results to provide parents and coaches with individual talent and sport reports for each child. The reports summarise your child’s results, provide age and gender specific peer comparison leveraging a database of over 400,000 children, and offers recommendations for eight suitable sports for your child. A more in-depth evaluation of how well-suited the child is to two parent-selected sports is also provided.

The 9 activities test children’s abilities in the following areas of child development:


Tactical skills








Individualized reports